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Board of Directors

Executive Committee


























Committee Chairs

  • Eric Chalupka, Technical Director

  • Sara Diiorio, Board Development and Nominating Chair

  • Thomas Doherty, Children's Opera Chair

  • Nancy Fraser, Fundraising and Grants

  • Susan Horn, Hospitality Chair

  • James Kellaway, Marketing Co-Chair

  • Leah Schad, Marketing Co-Chair

  • Melissa Zahansky, Children's Symphony Chair

  • Community Programming, OPEN

  • Kindergarten Programming, OPEN


Board of Directors

  • Sandra Ahola

  • Denise Archambault

  • Kimberly Bergendahl

  • R. Sky Bridgman

  • Jay Cantor

  • Mary H. Cheyne

  • Alison Dodds

  • Donald A. Froehlich

  • Rebecca Harvey

  • Sarah W. Hemingway

  • Nicola Johnson

  • Mary Eliza Kimball

  • Barbara Lussier

  • Lorraine McDevitt

  • Ellen McNeely-Silbermann

  • Shirley M. Mongillo

  • Maureen Nicholson

  • Rachel Sarantopoulos

  • Catherine Shires

  • Andrew E. Tillinghast

  • Lauren Wheaton

  • Marcia Williams

  • Monique C.K. Wolanin

  • Michele L. Woz

Lindsay Paul


I've been involved with P/Arts since 19##! The best this about P/Arts is........

Karen DeLuca


I love hearing about the experiences and writing about them

Thomas Doherty

Vice Chair

The face of students when they get to experience something like this makes all the hard work worth it!

Mary Archambault


I love working with money

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