Student and Teacher Feedback on Recent Children’s Opera and Symphony Programs

In their own words, children give us feedback on our programs:

It had humor, excitement, scary parts and sad parts. Also it had really clever props for the characters, and every character had an instrument and a tune.” (3rd grader, Killingly, Peter and the Wolf)

Thank you for inviting us to the show. I learned that hip-hop music can go together with classical music. It sounded really cool.” (3rd grader, Bach to the Future)

It was so cool.  I thought it would be boring but it was amazing.”  (3rd grader, PCS Bach to the Future)

The concert made me feel happy.” (3rd grader, Webster, Bach to the Future)

Prince Ramiro inspires me to stay with my singing lessons. It would be awesome to sing like him.” (5th grader, La Cenerentola)

I like how it had humor, romance, and action.” (5th grade student, La Cenerentola)

I liked how the people sang about their feelings. It is much more interesting when they sing rather than when they talk.” (5th grade student, The Magic Flute)

I loved it all! It was great! When I am older I am going to be in the opera.” (Fifth grade student, The Magic Flute)

Selected teacher comments on opera and symphony programs:

This was an amazing opportunity for everyone! The opera itself is so accessible to kids- great storyline, humor, soap-opera plot… Thank you so much for offering this to our students… it’s an incredible experience!

Just had to let you know that the opera preview today was FABULOUS!!! It far exceeded our expectations and we are all so excited for the live performance. Chris Lucier was incredibly engaging and had 150 5th graders’ attention the whole time! – no easy feat!  I know this will be a “life-changer” for some of these kids – we are so grateful for this opportunity and the chance to meet such wonderful, talented musicians. Thank you again!

I loved the study guide. I would have liked to have gotten it earlier in the year so that I could have integrated it into the curriculum more.

Many of our kids had never seen an opera before; it seemed like something that had nothing to do with them. Now they know an opera is a story told through song and costumes. I think they will be more open-minded in the future, and that’s a great thing!

This provides an enriching cultural experience and an appreciation of opera as an art form, heightened and made accessible by the preview and the study guide.

The production was an eye opener to many students. A view to another world.

[In my school] we have very few resources and no instrumental program. With the help of P/Arts, my students have the opportunity to hear a live performance and be exposed to quality musical literature at the same time. [The opera singer who came to our school] was absolutely the best ambassador for opera and music in general that I have had the privilege of having in any school… Thank you so much – it will have a profound impact on children’s lives.

The experience that these children get by going to a live professional performance is immeasurable.

From Chris Lucier, rising professional opera tenor from Northeast CT:

I attended The Magic Flute in middle school, thanks to Performing Arts NECT, which I remember very well.  Although I cannot say that it was the one moment that pushed me toward opera, because I already wanted to sing on stage more than anything in the world.  I just sat in the audience on fire with mixed envy and delight determined that I would be Tamino one day.