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Waiting for Spring

A Virtual Wine Tasting Experience

Eight wines, four from an Oregon winery and four from a Washington State winery have
been arranged into eight Wine Tasting Experiences.

If you wish to support Performing Arts of Northeast, CT without purchasing a wine package,
please visit our Support Performing Arts page.

1. Select & Order your Tasting Experience(s)


Review each Wine Tasting Experience along with technical data, tasting, and food pairing notes on the eight wines.  Winery and wine vintage year details are available from Sue Windrow - Pomfret Wine & Spirits – (860) 928-2946, 640 Pomfret St., Pomfret Center, CT.

Download the order form and select your Wine Tasting Experience(s) and fill out other required information fields. Email your completed form to  If you have questions, please email or call Susan at (860 576-7727.

Wine Tasting Experiences must be ordered by Monday, February 21, 2022

2. Picking up your Tasting Experience(s)


Wine Tasting Experience Packages will be available for pickup on Thursday, February 24 from:

1 pm – 3 pm or 5 pm - 7 pm *


Bring with you, your check made payable to Performing Arts of NECT to Pomfret Wine & Spirits (PWS) to receive your PWS voucher from P/Arts for your Wine Tasting Experience package.  Exchange your voucher with Sue Windrow to receive your Wine Tasting Experience package.


*If neither time is convenient for pickup, please contact Susan Horn to make alternative arrangements: or (860) 576-7727.

3. Virtual Tasting Experience


Our VWT presenter is the Quiet Corner’s own Matt Baum, a seasoned Hospitality professional with 15 years’ experience in Food and Beverage management.  Highlights include six years at Boston Back Bay’s Eastern Standard restaurant creating their wine & cocktail lists and cheese offerings, Wine manager at Oleana in Cambridge, and most recently Manager and lead bartender at the Dean Bar in Providence.  Matt holds a certificate from Boston University’s Culinary Program.


The VWT presentation will be available starting February 24, 2022 on the Performing Arts website, for unlimited viewings through December 31st, 2022.




Thank You

Performing Arts of NECT would like to thank Matt Baum for his time and expertise in preparing the wine tasting presentation, James Kellaway, videographer, for his expertise and time in taping and editing the final presentation, and the Wheaton’s for providing their wine cellar for the taping.  Additional thanks to Sue Windrow of Pomfret Wine & Spirits, Peter Menounos, and Joe Manfredi for their help in selecting and procuring the wines.

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