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Children's Quartet

Azul String Quartet 2024
Grades 3 - 5  |  March 28, 2024

Azul String Quartet and Performing Arts of Northeast Connecticut are excited to announce a new partnership to bring the joy of live orchestral music to Connecticut’s Northeastern towns. This year, thousands of third through fifth graders have the opportunity to take a wonderful field trip to hear their first sounds of a diverse string quartet, preceded by a visit from an Azul String Quartet musician to expose them to the sights and sounds that they’ll be hearing when they attend the actual concert.


Check out what people are saying about our Program!


“Outstanding. The selections were just right for this age: classical in nature but upbeat to keep their interest. ”


“I learned that you never give up on your hopes and dreams, you just have to keep trying, and music can help.”


“Keep doing this concert year after year, it's an incredible opportunity for young students who may never see/hear a live performance like this again! ” 


“The in-school musician was incredible. He was exceptionally engaging with the students; they were drawn in by his energy and comfortable, fun demeanor with them. They got a good sense of the music that they would be hearing in the concert, and they all enjoyed asking him questions and hearing the information that he gave them about the pieces. This was excellent preparation for the concert.”

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